You Know You’re A Food Blogger When….

28 Dec

Santa spoils you and brings you many new kitchen tools such as….

a fancy rice cooker….


that looks like a robot….


multiple cookbooks to use with the robot….


a fancy glass bowl for your stand mixer….


multiple coated beaters to use in previous stated bowl…..


mini tasting dishes for future parties…….


a cordless warmer to use for said parties……


more tools to fill up the cooking drawer……


an immersion blender because I broke my first one…..


and a fancy wood cutting board to cut veggies on (or use as a picture background, shhh don’t tell my husband who bought this fancy piece of wood for me!).


Thank you Santa for spoiling me!

I can’t wait to share so many new recipes with you using all of my new gadgets!

Did Santa treat you well this year?

I must have been extra good because he brought me too many gifts!

I started a Facebook page.  Make sure you become a fan of theSheenBean.

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